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Farmers in the making

We are David and Andrea Germain. Back in 2008, tired of living in the city, we sold our house and bought a fixer-upper farm. We wanted our four kids to experience the joys of country life. You know, that fresh country air, growing  our own healthy organic food, raising cute baby chicks.  All the idyllic stuff dreams are made of. 

Most of the kids were taken aback at first, but, over time, they grew to appreciate this new lifestyle, even if it meant having to do some chores that involved poop. We started with a few laying hens, then gradually added meat chickens, turkeys, ducks and then miniature goats. We also added gardens to grow veggies and herbs.

Being from the city, it has been a continuous learning curve. We have made mistakes, but we learn from them. We have also had many successes. And so it goes.

Now our kids have grown and flown the coop, but we persevere. And now we do all the chores that involve poop. But we wouldn't have it any other way

These girls were some of our first hens.
These girls were some of our first hens.

What we offer

Farm Fresh Eggs


Our hens spend their days free-ranging. Although they love the feed we give them they enjoy foraging for tasty plants and insects. These extra treats make their eggs taste that much better. The eggs vary in size and colour, but they are all delicious! 

Broiler Chickens


Every year we raise a limited number of broiler chickens. Like our layers, they are raised to free-range during the day. At night they go into bottomless chicken tractors, so they are always on grass. The tractors are moved each day so the birds get clean grass. They enjoy their days out in the fresh air and sunshine. Although their lives are short, we do our best to make sure they will only have one bad day.  They finish between 5-10 lbs.



Coming in 2020 we will be planting a large selection of veggies, Stay tuned for more details.


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